Welcome to the Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) are open to all JGU students. We provide professional help in coping with psychological problems of any kind that may arise during studies or everyday life.

How we can help:

We provide additional individual counseling for students affected by the Ukraine war. An information sheet offers suggestions and strategies in coping with the emotional distress of the war; the document is available in different languages (Українська, Русский). We closely cooperate with the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the University Medical Center.


All conversations and information is confidential. Mental Health Services team is subject to statutory secrecy.

Our offer is a JGU service and free of charge for JGU students. Additionally, the Vereinigung der Förderer der Psychotherapeutischen Beratungsstelle für Studierende der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz e.V., the Studierendenwerk Mainz and JGU‘s AStA support our work.