During a first session, your counselor will ask about the reasons for your visit, obtain all the required information from you and then identify together with you which problems are currently the most urgent ones and what could be the goals for psychotherapeutic counseling.

Depending on the problem, the number of counseling sessions may vary. In general, counseling is limited to a maximum of 10 sessions. You can expect a session to last between 45 and 50 minutes.

The goal of the sessions is to find individual solutions to your problems and provide assistance in difficult times. Counseling may be supplemented with additional information and self-help literature.

We offer psychological/psychotherapeutical counseling and coaching for the following scenarios:

  • Study block
  • Exam anxiety
  • Difficulties in academic writing
  • Problems in relationships with others
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Social phobia
  • Any other mental problems at university and in your everyday life